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The purpose of this Privacy Policy (Policy) is to demonstrate the commitment of the companies that are part of Grupo Master, namely Banco Master SA and Master S/A Corretora de Cambio, Bonds and Securities, or any other company that may come integrate Grupo Master, with the protection of personal data, aiming at transparency and clarity in the relations it maintains with the holders of personal data in accordance with the laws in force, in particular with Law No. 13.709/2018 and its subsequent amendments (General Law on Data Protection or LGPD).

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Terms of Use

Banco Master S/A (Banco Master) establishes in these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy (Term) the conditions for using the institutional website (including internet banking) and Banco Master applications in order to clarify the obligations and responsibilities of its users (“User(s)”), who may access the services and contents made available by Banco Master.

The User is aware that Banco Master may, at its discretion and without prior notice, establish specific Terms of Use applicable to a particular website and/or application, which will complement and/or prevail over this Term in case of conflicting provisions.

Additionally, Banco Master, at any time, at its sole discretion and without the need for any prior or subsequent notice to any User or third parties, may: (i) suspend, cancel or interrupt access to the website and/or application of Banco Master; and/or, (ii) remove, alter and/or update in whole or in part the website and/or application of Banco Master as well as its respective contents and/or Terms of Use; and/or (iii) promote improvements and updates that may change the structure or layout of Banco Master"s website and/or application, at its convenience.

Any change and/or update of this Term will take effect from the date of its publication on the website and/or application of Banco Master and must be fully observed by the Users.

If any provision of this Term is considered illegitimate by the competent authority of the location where the user accesses the website and/or application of Banco Master, or maintains a link, the other conditions will remain in full force and effect.

The User agrees that, by accessing the website and/or application, he/she accepts, without reservations, the provisions of this Term.

The use of the website or applications of Banco Master, by the User, is limited to the contents expressly offered, being expressly prohibited: (i) access to programming areas; (ii) reverse engineering, translating or decompiling the source codes used that are not open, for any purpose, on the website and/or application of Banco Master.

The User is prohibited from using Banco Master"s website or applications to perform any acts, involving: (i) unlawful acts and/or violation of current legislation, especially the provisions of Law 9,613/98 (and subsequent amendments) and the Law 12,846/13; (ii) violation of the confidentiality and privacy rights of third parties; and (iii) contamination or threat of contamination of Banco Master and/or third party equipment, including through viruses or any other malicious code.

If the User fails to comply with any provision of this Term or legal provision, without prejudice to other measures, Banco Master may, by itself or by third parties, at any time, at its sole discretion, initiate the applicable legal measures, suspend or limit access to the website and/or application of Banco Master, close the account of any User and/or take other measures that it deems necessary for the fulfillment of this Term and for the proper functioning of the website and/or application of Banco Master, at any time, under the terms applicable laws and regulations.

Banco Master is exempt from liability in the event that Banco Master"s website and/or application remain offline, temporarily for maintenance, or in the event of damage, loss or loss of any nature caused by system performance failures, errors, omissions , interruption, defect or delay in operation or transmission, viruses, or any other devices that may be created, as a result of Internet browsing by the User or failure of the line or system, server or Internet connection even if Banco Master or its representatives are advised of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

Banco Master is not responsible for the misuse of information, instruments, materials made available and/or equipment used by the website and/or application, for any purpose, made by any User, being the sole responsibility of the User any personal injury or injury to third parties, whether or not caused by such misuse.

Banco Master is not responsible for the content of other websites that may be available on the pages of Banco Master"s website, or whose address of this website is available on it.

To access restricted information and services, it may be necessary to register on the website and/or application of Banco Master, by creating a profile with login and password, and/or providing all or some personal registration data. Other registration data for identification of the User may be obtained through public sources of information and/or through service providers contracted for this purpose and under the duty of confidentiality thereof.

Banco Master considers all information collected through the website or application as confidential, ensuring that it will be treated and stored in accordance with the provisions of this Term and with the adoption of modern security measures. The information collected will be used to allow the proper and safe provision of services by Banco Master, to offer products and services to the User and to improve their browsing experience on the website or use of the application.

Thus, the User acknowledges that the information collected about him may be used for the purposes indicated in this Term.

The login and password can only be used by the duly registered User, and the sharing of login and/or password with any third party is expressly prohibited. The User assumes full responsibility for the safekeeping, secrecy and good use of the registered login and passwords, exempting Banco Master from any responsibility. If any anomalous pattern of access or transaction is identified from this User, the information security team or related areas of Banco Master will take the necessary steps to verify what has happened, and may even temporarily reject access without prior notice to the User.

The User is also responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data informed, and must keep them up to date.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on Banco Master"s website and/or application, such as information, materials, instruments, page organization, graphics, images, videos and drawings, belong to Banco Master or to third parties who have lawfully licensed rights of use, the User being prohibited from using such contents.

The User may not, through the use of Banco Master"s website and/or application, use any business name, brand, domain name, slogan or advertising expression or any distinctive sign or intellectual property owned by Banco Master.

The tolerance of Banco Master regarding the eventual non-compliance with any of the provisions of this Term by any User shall not constitute a waiver of the right to demand the fulfillment of the obligation, nor pardon, nor alteration of what is contained herein.

This Term is governed by Brazilian law. Any disputes or controversies arising from any acts practiced in the context of the use of Banco Master"s websites or applications by Users, including in relation to non-compliance with this Term or violation of the rights of Banco Master, other Users and/or third parties, including rights intellectual property, confidentiality and personality will be processed in the Judicial District of the Capital of the State of São Paulo.